ADS CAFÉ started operations in Nigeria on 29th January, 2018. Nigeria is known to be the Giants of Africa because of its great population and fast growing economy with a population of more than 180 million people. With latest stats from Nigeria Communications Commission stating that the internet users for Nigeria as at February is 100.9 million.

So many solutions are needed to meet up with both consumer demands as well as Companies goals in the marketing field. The challenge most companies in Nigeria are facing at the moment is inability to reach up to the right customer with the right product and be able to know how exactly their consumers are reacting to their products or services because their research are predominantly based upon old and outdated data (if even done before launching a product or service) devoid of post launched evaluation which is always required due to the turbulence and dynamics of economic environment.


We plan to give every new client company a free first month if they pay for one month to confirm our unique expertise and give our client company a quality service in the best of our capability. So every new client company gets a two month service for the payment of one month with us.


To be the top and foremost Online Marketing Agency in Africa that provides the most effective and efficient Advance Digital Marketing solutions to Companies and Organizations across different sectors of the Economy.

Provision of solutions for our client with the best available resources and best online marketing practices to yield the expected marketing goals for our clients via the use of advance technology.

Our works is simply 3 in 1. Digitally inclined, Media Exposed and Data Driven.


We help you go through the guess work and make our hands pretty dirty while you chill even with our own monies at risk. We are so confident about the results because of our up-to-date skills in digital and media with several industries. We make the process so transparent that even a year old baby loves to do We don’t select who to work with, we are ready to work with you as long as you are ready to go exclusive. No hype, no stories, Results Only! We manage your marketing so you can manage your business goals.

AWARDS: We don’t compete for awards, we do for getting results. Yes we love awards, but that doesn’t guarantee we really know what works and doesn’t. We don’t need people to tell us we are the best to acknowledge we are… Here is our portfolio.


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