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Email Marketing

Let’s talk facts

Did you know?

For every $1 you put into email marketing, you get at least $41. This is not some Ponzi scheme, this is verifiable fact.

According to Hubspot, Email marketing has an astounding 3,800% ROI and as at the moment there are over 5 Billion ACTIVE mails.

In other words, Email marketing is serious business

And at Adscafe, we treat email marketing as such because we’ve learnt from doing it ourselves that email marketing is an essential part of every serious brand’s success story. That’s why your email marketing has to be done right or shouldn’t be done at all.

Our email marketing campaigns helps you connect your brand’s audience by speaking in a language that is personalized and tailored to their understanding that propels them to take whatever action you want of them.

How we do this?
Adscafe is made up of a team of seasoned copywriters with over 1000 copies to their credit who understand the kind of powerful content and the right mix of words that can help you drive leads, increase sales and engagement.
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