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Imagine a store filled with all the good things money could ever buy. A store so appealing with offers so good that anyone who saw it would always return. But this store had no name, no address and didn’t even let people see what was being sold. This is an example of a business without a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy. A business without SEO is simply a Ghost business. Simply put, nobody knows you exist in the online world.

At Adscafe, we have the expertise and experience to "put the spotlight on you" and "toot your horn", so your potential customers & target audience can find you using a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy that not only puts your business in a spot where your target audience can find you (Discoverability) but also you know you have what they want (availability).

Did you know? When a person searches on Google and finds a business that satisfies their search, there is 90% chance that google will upgrade the ranking of that business on search engine ranking pages.

How we do this?

At Adscafe, our services are tailored to make the good guys win and that’s why our SEO strategy employs a holistic approach which involves technical SEO and content marketing (including social media optimization and research) that places you ahead of the competition.

Our SEO services are guaranteed to give you these 3 results in a worse-case scenario
  • Increase in sales
  • Increased number of customers
  • Increased traffic
  • Don’t be a Ghost business, let’s shine the spotlight on you
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