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Social Media Marketing
How it works

Social media marketing means using the social media platforms available to you to connect with your audience, build your brand, increase sales and even drive website traffic. Some of the major social media platforms right now include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Social media marketing engages your prospective clients and ultimately converts them into full, paying clients. As no two brands can employ the same growth strategy, our job at AdsCafe is to come up with strategies that are specifically tailored towards your brand. We will create strategies that will work toward achieving your brand goals. Our social media marketing services also include providing content creation services that resonate with your target audience, communicates your brand’s vision and values and brings in new customers.

Our social media marketing services will also include full management of all your social media platforms; creating and planning image, text and video content, responding in time to all the enquiries and messages that will come in from (prospective clients) and planning advertisement strategies when the need arises. The aim of this service (amongst other brand goals that you might have) is for your brand to reach a wider audience and to ultimately increase your profitability.

Here's how to

Our effective social media marketing strategies will generate positive results such as increase in engagement (likes, retweets, shares, views) and increase the reach and income of your brand. Some of the methods we employ in making these plans come to life include:

Profile design: We make sure that the aesthetics of your page are exactly what they need to be; eye-catching and right for your brand.

Content design: After the aesthetics of your page has been sorted out, we will then need to plan and design what content it will have. We will make sure your content passes across all the messages you want it to without putting your audience to sleep.

Analytics and Reporting: Constantly monitoring the growth and effectiveness of the strategy that has been designed for you. We will need to know how well the brand has been performing. Reports from this will be presented to you and strategy changes will be made if necessary.

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