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Web Design

Here are some mind-blowing web design facts you should know first;

  • An internet user has an attention span of 8 seconds which is lower than the attention span of a goldfish ( 9 seconds)
  • There are 2.9 billion Google searches daily, just imagine if you had 0.1% of that number coming to your website
  • Only 11.8% of websites have responsive design & 73% of users judge a company’s credibility based on its website design
  • 47% of users want the website to load in 2 seconds.
  • If you’re reading this right now and you have a website that doesn’t meet the above requirements or don’t have a website at all.

    You’re leaving money on the table. At Adscafe media, we have a team of seasoned front-end designers and developers ready to help you take back your money and clear that table with top-notch website designs that not only aesthetically appeals to the audience but satisfies all the requirement to keep your audience coming back and search engines ranking you high.

    Structure, texture, color, shape, typography, and usability; these are choices influencing perception and reaction to your brand – negative or positive. Great designs create trust and inspire action. They sway opinions and shift customers’ behavior.

    Now, which language would you rather speak – inspiring design that clearly communicates your brand tone and message or just design?

    How we do this?

    Our website design projects are developed with 3 things in minds;

  • Top-Class Attractive design
  • SEO & UX Optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • With these 3 things, we can guarantee that your next website project would have everything needed to make your brand successful in a world that is fully online.

    Whether your brick & mortar business has not made single dime online or small business owner creating your first website, our website design can boost your sales conversion by 60% and also improve your brand awareness online and even affect your business offline as it is proven that digital interaction influences 56% of money spent in the offline environment.
    So, let’s start building your way to your brand’s success today.

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